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The Kitchen – Poole Park

The latest in GPS Commercial Solar Panel installations is The Kitchen located in their hometown of Poole on Poole Park.

This two storey, glass fronted restaurant provides amazing views of the park’s saltwater lake which is enjoyed by customer’s whatever the season.

The lake, and the park itself has been a part of Poole’s history for several decades and visitors can now enjoy anything from a sandwich to a stone baked pizza over a glass of wine or beer while taking in the views.

NGPS Limited

Now owned by local couple, Richard and Sarah de Lisle, considerable investment has been made to every aspect of the building for the benefit of the town and the park.

The latest of which is a 40 panel solar energy system, featuring SolarWorld panels and GPS preferred Enphase Micro-Inverters for the added energy generation. This investment has future-proofed the venue by reducing its energy running costs and securing a feed-in-tariff income over 20 years.

NGPS Limited

To maximise energy generation, each panel has been fitted to an angled, weighted pod which at first site appears to resemble waves to reflect its watery location.


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The Ark in Poole Park invests in Energy Future

The Ark, located in Poole Park, Poole in Dorset is a family favourite in the town as a result of the award-winning leisure activities it offers families – no matter what the weather holds.

A soft play area for children up to eleven years old, an ice-rink and a cafe over looking the lake and more, it is no surprise it is so popular.  However, with these and other activities comes high energy bills and that is why the company contacted NGPS Limited who fitted a solar panel system In January.

NGPS Limited

Pictured: The Arc and the stunning backdrop of Poole Park Lake

The Arc has been fitted with 96 SolarWorld panels, each with its own Enphase micro-inverter for added energy generation, by as much as 15% per panel.  The micro inverters also enable hour by hour generation reports via a free downloadable App.

The installation was carefully considered, given the location and its popularity with the local wildlife. Even though the panels are self-cleaning, a walkway has been created through the centre to offer easy access should it ever require added cleaning support.

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Keeping Brittany Ferries Energy Generation Afloat!

NGPS Limited

NGPS is pleased to have installed a 20 kilowatt solar panel system at the Brittany Ferries facility in Poole, Dorset.

The company is now the proud owner of a SolarWorld energy generating panel system, distributed across five roof positions to maximise energy generation.  Pictured, you can see three installations on the front of the building.

Each solar panel benefits from up to 15% increased energy generation as a result of individual Enphase micro inverters.  Enphase also enabled the fitting of panels split over a multiple roof space, and were fitted as standard rather than the usual premium for this product.

NGPS Limited

          Pictured: Keith Baker Brittany Ferries with NGPS Owner Nick Good

Brittany Ferries were delighted with a more than anticipated energy saving prediction, which they will receive on top of the government’s 20 year Feed in Tariff paid for every kilowatt hour generated, and from the 50% energy generation payment from the energy supplier.

They were also delighted to see just how quickly they had generated enough energy to power a lightbulb for 51 hours!

NGPS Limited

Pictured: 2 installations on the back of the building.

Brittany Ferries has the widest options for Cross Channel Ferries leaving from 3 UK Ports, including Portsmouth, Poole and Plymouth.

Routes to France include Portsmouth to Caen, St. Malo, Cherbourg and Le Havre, Poole to Cherbourg and Plymouth to Roscoff and St. Malo. With routes to Spain and Portugal also available.

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See us at Dorset County Show

Are you planning to visit the Dorset County Show on the weekend of the 5th & 6th September?

A visit to our stand A19, where we will be joining LED lighting design experts Led-Zip Lighting, will see you leave the show with a much more optimistic view of your energy future – and a knowledge of the tools that will enable you to implement a reduction of more than half the running costs for your home or business.

Our experts will be on hand to dicuss the energy savings of renewable heating and the government Renewable Heat Incentive or RHI.

Solar Energy and the electicity cost savings you will benefit from, as well as the government’s 20 year Feed in Tariff payments.

NGPS is also preferred installer of the Enphase Inverters for solar energy generation, this means our solar panel systems will generate up to 35% more energy and enables us to consider roofs with shading issues and a smaller roof space.

We also have a range of low cost add-ons to your solar energy system, which can see you generate a large percentage of your own hot water for free.

Energy Performance Certification.

And the amazing cost reductions of LED Lighting.

If you would prefer to book an appointment on the stand, please contact Nick Good on nick@ngps-ltd.co.uk or call 01202 713816.

Or, visit stand A19 at your leisure on either day.

See you there.

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1 Million Kilowatts

Earlier today NGPS Enphase system owners clocked up 1 gigawatt of generated electricity. This is one million kilowatts.

That is enough to boil a 3kW kettle, twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year for over 38 years. That`s a lot of tea to drink !

Enphase Screen shot :
Energy Today is 1.37MWh
Past 7 Days is 16.6MWh
Month To Date is 91.3MWh
Lifetime is 1.00GWh



solarpiece 2

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Solar Car Port

We were asked if we could install a car port for a solar system. We looked at various products that were available on the market and were not keen on any of them as they were just box frames with a leg in each corner. So we sat down and designed our own and had it manufactured and galvanised by JES Machinery.

We then had the main structure installed by BPS Builders.

A week later NGPS supplied and installed nine Canadian ELPS 265 watt solar panels with Enphase micro inverters resulting in a   2.385 kW system which facing South will provide the owners with over 2400 kW hours of free power plus feed in tariff payments and export bonuses.   This is tax free and guaranteed for twenty years.

The total cost was around £9,500 fully fitted with solar which will provide a financial return of over £19,000 over the feed in contract twenty year period whilst providing some vehicular protection.

All the equipment in this carport is guaranteed for a minimum of twenty years.

By using local Dorset based companies we will be able to design and build and then install solar car ports that will be totally bespoke which can be angled to get the best solar returns possible rather than buying an off the shelf “one size fits all” imported solution.

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4Kw Solar system Upton near Poole, Dorset.

Mr H. NGPS MCS 0351


On the 12th March 2014 we installed a 4kW solar PV system for Mr H. of Upton near Poole. The system featured all black modules, Enphase micro inverters and an iBoost for free hot water. We predicted an annual generation of 3992 kW hours per year and it has achieved 4400 kW hrs which is 10% extra.  Payback is under 6.7 years based on current prices and the feed in tariff is for twenty years, tax free and index linked.  Import energy costs double every seven years according to the Energy Savings Trust.

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South West Region RHI Installer of the Year


The South West England Regional Green Deal & ECO Awards were presented on the 4th March 2015  at the Mercure Southgate Hotel in Exeter.

NGPS won ” Regional RHI Installer of the Year” making this the fifth consecutive year that we have won an award for our renewable technology installations.

Surveyor Richard Horswill collected the award for NGPS.

EXETER_027 (1)IMG_3253

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