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Mr H. of Plymouth in Devon ( ASHP and Solar PV)

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    Mr H. of Down Thomas near Plymouth had an oil boiler up to the 13th September 2013.   NGPS supplied and installed a market leading Danfoss AQ air source heat pump and a nine panel Phono PV system with the market leading Enphase M215 micro inverters. The oil boiler and storage tank were removed.

We recently got this email from him:

Hi Nick,  I thought you might be interested in the following figures, which are taken from a year’s worth of readings on the electricity meters (mains input and solar panel generation) and the Heat Pump.  Note that I have no other power supplies to the house.

Solar Panel Generation                                          2819 kwh
Imported from Mains                                              3817 kwh
Heat Pump meter  (output)                                    7490 kwh

This means that my nett power consumption for the house, for all purposes (cooking, fridge freezer, central heating, hot water, lights, TV, Wifi etc), is 998 kwh over the year.

With the rates I am paying for electricity from EDF and receiving for generating electricity from the solar panels, this works out at an expenditure of about £70  for the year!



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Mrs L. of Calmore near Southampton, Hampshire



A  3.12 kW solar PV system comprising twelve Phono 260 watt all black Mono modules with Enphase  M215 micro inverters.  This system has a 25 year warranty and has a twenty year guaranteed return on investment of over 11%, based on current import prices.

This roof could easily have had a 4kW system with more panels but here at NGPS we think neat blocks of solar panels look better and have less impact on housing resale values.

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Mr and Mrs G. of Exeter in Devon



A  4kW system split across several roofs for Mr and Mrs G. of Exeter in Devon.  Featuring the market leading Enphase M215 micro inverters and Phono all black modules with an iBoost for free hot water.  This system set to produce over £700 a year in FITS and export bonus guaranteed for twenty years.   The FIT rate is tax free and index linked.

Including  import savings this system will pay for itself in six to seven years based on current import rates  and shows a return on investment of over 12% per year.

The Phono panels and the Enphase inverters come with 25 year warranty.

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Mr and Mrs B. of Tisbury in Wiltshire Go Green

Mr Baker Tisbury


This Phono 260 watt all black module system features the Enphase M215 micro-inverters with no single point of failure and 25 year warranty and the ability to check generation in live time on computer, tablet or smart phone.


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Sustainability Roadshow – New dates released



Upcoming Renewable Energy Shows

15th October 2014    Harmans Cross Village Hall 

1st November 2014      Sparsholt Winchester 

12th November 2014    Duberville Memorial Hall 

15th November 2014     Awbridge Hall Romsey 

19th November 2014    Bovington Memorial Hall 

Please come along and see us

Free Entry

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8kW Ground Mount System in Tolpuddle, Dorset completed 19.09.2014


An 8kW ground mount system in Tolpuddle, near Dorchester, Dorset completed on the 19-09-2014 for Dr and Mrs Taylor.

This is thirty two Canadian 250 all black modules with two German Sunny boy inverters and will generate around 8000 kW hours per year.

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