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Solar PV for Mr M in Swanage, Dorset

solar panel-Mr McMillan

A Sanyo HIT module system with SMA 2000HF inverter and bluetooth remote display.
This system set to produce £800 a year with the feed in tariff, guaranteed for the next 25 years and reduce the electrical import by around 30%.

Mr M is delighted with his system and recommended us to customer Mrs N in St Albans, Herts, who had sixteen Sanyo modules installed in June 2011.

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Solar Photovoltaic for Mr and Mrs C. near Corfe Castle, Dorset

solar panel-Corfe Castle Solar PV

This new Solar PV system provides 3.84kW, and comprises of sixteen Sanyo HIT240 watt modules with a Sunny Boy 4000TL and bluetooth remote display all installed including VAT for less than £15,000.

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East West split system in Ashley Heath for Mr and Mrs L.

solar panel-PV for Mr and Mrs Lambert-2

A 3.84kW East – West split Solar Photovoltaic system, with eight Sanyo HIT240 modules on each face. This system includes new RCBO filled mains board and Sunny boy 4000TL inverter with bluetooth remote control for under £15,000.

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