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Weymouth 4 kW system, First Year Generation



On the 18th February 2014 we installed this 4kW solar PV system for Mr and Mrs Parsons.  It featured all black Phono 250 modules with Enphase micro inverters.

We predicted it would generate 4000 hours per year and on its one year birthday it has produced 4510 hours which is 12.5% extra FIT payments and import savings.

This property also has a solar iBoost which diverts overproduction into the hot water immersion saving more import energy as the boiler has to work less.


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4Kw of all black solar PV for Dr and Mrs L. near Andover



On the 13 th February 2014 we installed this sixteen module Phono 4kW solar PV system for Dr and Mrs L.  of  Smannell near Andover.

We predicted an annual generation of 3500 hours per year using Enphase micro inverters with a twenty five year warranty and on-line individual monitoring capability.

After exactly one year it has generated 3870 kW hours which ten percent better than our our original SAP calculation.

This installation also featured a solar iBoost which diverts over generation of solar power into the immersion resulting in other import fuel savings.

This solar PV system provides a return on investment of over  13% per year on a twenty year contract which is index linked and tax free.

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Green Business Dorset E Magazine



A Vital Tool for Dorset Keeps Environmental Management in Check and Running Costs Down

A vital new tool is available for private business, public sector and organisations in Dorset.  In support of environmental management, and encouraging a buy local culture, Green Business Dorset is a dynamic package of e.magazine, e.newsletter and events programme aimed at providing an educational resource and environmental hub for the County.

Brought to Dorset by Make it Happen PR, the resource is the brainchild of owner and Editor Lynda Sparks:  “Having worked in the green sector for four years – and as Vice Chair of the B2B Green Knowledge Network, I began to investigate the wealth of green products, services and expertise right here in Dorset.  When it comes to environmental management and good business practice companies can often feel overwhelmed and unaware of the help that is available right here in the County they operate in.  It struck me a central knowledge point would be the ideal solution – a form of Environmental Dating Agency if you like, highlighting the people and solutions and matching them with businesses with a need.”

Whether through legislation, customer demand, tendering for new business, ISO14001, ESOS, ISO50001 or attracting the right staff – no organisation can afford to ignore the environmental impact of their operation.  “The idea of Green Business Dorset is to demonstrate a step by step – and therefore more affordable and manageable approach,” Lynda explains. “Most importantly, we don’t want Dorset businesses to get caught out – or lose business to their competitor, especially when it is avoidable. The power of the green pound is rising and our goal is to keep as much of that spend in the county as possible.




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Mr and Mrs S. in Upton near Poole.

Upton Poole.



On the 11th February 2014 we installed this sixteen panel 250 watt Phono all black system for Mr and Mrs Smith in Upton near Poole.  It is seven panels facing South with five facing West and four East all with the market leading Enphase micro inverters.

We predicted an annual generation of 3500 kW hours.  On the 10th February 2015 it has produced 3920 kW hours which is 12% better than our original prediction.

Our original quotation included a prediction that this system would return in excess of £26,000 over the twenty years, based on our 3500 kW hours annual generation figure.

The initial outlay was less than £8000 and the equipment all comes with a twenty five year warranty.

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FIT rate cut announced, from 1st April 2015


Solar panel installations have met Government targets for the last quarter, triggering another decrease to the Feed-in-Tariff rate – meaning a slight reduction to the financial rewards of solar.

The reduction takes the tariff down to 13.39p/kWh for installations smaller than 4kW.

The current rate is £13.88p/kWh. So this reduction amounts to £340 over twenty years excluding index linking,  for a 4kW South facing system in Dorset.

Although the reduction isn’t a huge amount, it does mean that to receive the higher rate payments, your panels will need to be installed before April 1st.

However solar PV will still provide a return on investment of between 10-12% per year which is tax free and index linked.  Solar PV pays for itself within seven years and the Feed In Tariff is a twenty year contract.  Import energy costs double every seven years according to the Energy Savings Trust.



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