Energy Prices set to soar, year on year

Are you worried about the never ending rise in energy prices?

As demonstrated in recent weeks with average 9% price hikes, the energy companies seemingly have a license to pick the pockets of the British public

If that isn’t depressing enough, the government’s go ahead for the new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point guarantees that at best, the wholesale cost of electricity will double over the next ten years!
That`s 10% a year and energy users pay the retail price which is a lot higher than the wholesale price.

Enough is enough I here you say, so why not take a stance now?

For a one off payment, using money you will otherwise hand over to those energy companies, a renewable energy source on your property offers the opportunity to fight back and inflation proof your family income against those frightening price increases.

Award winning ‘Best Installer in the South & South West’ Renewable and Electrical specialists NGPS, are offering home owners a free, no obligation property survey and quotation service, at the end of which you will know:

What type of installation is viable for your home.
What outlay is required.
And most important of all, what you can expect your Return on Investment to be.

Don’t delay…call us today!

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