NGPS and Dorset Energized

NGPS is partnered with Dorset Energized to help Dorset get energized and be part of the green revolution.
Dorset Energized are a non-profit organisation with the goal to educate people that renewable energy can save you energy and money, while also being a benefit to the planet.
They advise individuals, household, businesses and communities to invest in renewable energies to be more energy efficient and sustainable.

“We would like to help everyone feel informed about why renewable and sustainable energy is important. We would like to help everyone know what renewable technologies are available, and their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can have confidence in exploring the options that will work for you, and to take the next step. After all, there’s little point learning about how to install a small hydro-electricity system if you don’t have access to suitable running water.”


They have featured NGPS in a great article please click the link below and read about our recent solar panel installations.

Dorset Energized – Dorset & the South West Going Solar Powered with NGPS

solar panel-NGPS Solar Panels - Dorset Engerized Logo