Who leads the Residential Inverter Market ?

GTM Research provides market share results and  identifies the winners and losers of the domestic residential inverter market.

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The Enphase micro-inverter system leads the way with no single point of system failure, no dangerously high DC voltages,  twenty five year warranties and internet monitoring on a panel by panel basis with a 37% of current market share based on sales in 2014.

In second place is the Power One DC string system inverter with the Solar Edge DC optimisers in third with less than one fifth of the market.  Surprisingly the very high quality SMA and Fronius DC string inverters are further down but they are more expensive. NGPS only install  the highest quality equipment such as Enphase, SMA and Fronius.

NGPS are proud to be the South and West Enphase installation partner and recently won this award at the recent Solar power Portal Awards at the NEC in Birmingham in October 2014. (https://www.goodpropertyservices.co.uk/news/ngps-winners-solar-power-portal-awards-2014-2)