Calculate the benefits of Solar PV for your home

Are you considering having solar panels installed on your property, but not sure if it would pay off? Thanks to the Energy Saving Trust you can now check to see how much you could benefit from solar energy online. Using their Solar Energy Calculator you can estimate how much income and saving you could receive by installing Solar PV panels to your home.
With this tool you can estimate an income from the Government’s Feed-in Tariffs scheme, compared to your installation costs. The result calculated is based on an income of over 25 years depending on installation date and generation rate, which is estimated on today’s prices as they could rise or fall over the next 25 years.

Obviously this tool will only give you a prediction as solar energy does rely on the sun, but overall you could benefit from 65% of your home’s annual electricity use generated through Solar PV (based on a medium installation on a small semi-detached house). Not only this but you would considerably reduce your carbon footprint and add value to your home.

For an accurate quote and to find out more about installing Solar PV panels to your home, please contact us direct. Our qualified engineers are not salesmen, they will give you professional advice about your installation and guide you through the best choice for your property.

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